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Always Learning

I had dreams of spending SO MUCH TIME on the mountain this summer. During the cold of winter - fantasizing about summer days with the doors open on the potting shed, camping overnight in the loft, making pottery by the truck load, napping in a hammock and listening to the birds. A quiet, easy summer - filled with mountain adventures.


Silly rabbit... fantasy summer bubble bursts - enter the Bootleg Fire.

The Bootleg Fire burned 647 square miles. It came as close to 10 miles from us on the mountain. We are so grateful that it didn't come closer. Thankful for the incredible firefighters who kept the fire at bay and finally got it under control and contained 5 weeks later. What this meant for us was a summer of smoke.


Before summer fires - - - - - - During summer fires.

With fires to our south blowing smoke our way - the Dixie Fire, Antelope Fire and more... our air quality index was in the unhealthy to dangerous levels all summer. We spent most of the summer indoors. Extreme heat + drought + smoke. A summer we will never forget. Every now and then we had a clear day and enjoyed every minute of it.

We drove up to Crater Lake when my cousins came to visit.  Showed them the mountain and found a new quick beautiful getaway spot on the Wood River. We enjoyed the summer as much as possible, but didn't spend as much time as we had planned making pottery.

Wood River Springs

The Wood River Springs - a beautiful 38 degrees in August!

We learned a lot about Oregon this summer. We are grateful to have avoided the Bootleg fire and our ability to pivot with our summer plans. While we spent more time inside, we worked on our house plans, obtained enough solar panels to power our needs and secured access to water that we didn't have up on the mountain. 

Klamath Falls found itself in the news a lot this summer. The war over water rights.

Now that autumn has arrived and the fire season is winding down a bit - we are gearing up for the winter ahead. Firewood procurement, snowflake designs for the holiday collection taking shape and spending more time outside. We even acquired snowshoes to try out this winter.

We hope you enjoy this update. It's been brewing for awhile, made on the mountain when we could steal a smoke free moment. We are blessed to be here, doing this under any circumstances. Even on it's worst day - Oregon is amazing.

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