Bento Boxes!

When I made the very first Mountain Home Provisions bento box in the summer of 2020, I had no idea how much you all would love them. Truly! 

Becoming a potter teaches you patience as well as letting go. Pottery is trial and error. Pots break, crack, chip and just plain don’t turn out sometimes. Bento boxes especially. Finding the right clay and right design has taken me a while. Creating a bento box to make it through the firing process intact and ready for sale has been a challenge in our gas kiln. Generally - 50% of the bento boxes I have made never make it to sale. Such is life as a potter. Try and try again. Because of the amount of labor that goes into each bento box and the space they take up in a glaze firing in our kiln - they tend to be rare birds in the shop updates. I cannot make enough of them. Since I am not a full time potter, this generally translates into two or three bento boxes per update - when I make 5 or 6 of them. Then the mad dash to get one feels like an Olympic sprint. For those that got through the bento gauntlet to get one - congrats! For those that missed out - here is your chance.

I have made 20 bento boxes - all of them say beans, grains and greens (except one - says rice, beans and greens) - with that said - no two are alike. Different configurations of the three section box and leaf details make each on unique. These will be bisque fired and glazed in our signature glazes. I am hoping to get 12 bento boxes out of the batch of 20 to sell. If I have extra, they will be in the holiday shop update.

I could add these to a special bento box pre-order that opens and the mad dash to checkout begins, like most shop updates, or I can do something a little different. 

I am going to draw twelve names from those who enter for a chance to avoid the mad dash and simply get an invoice for your bento box when it’s ready to ship.

When the bento boxes are out of the kiln - I will number them and draw from the finalists names to assign each finished bento box to its new owner.

These will ship by the end of November.


To enter the bento box name draw, comment on this blog by answering the following questions:

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? 

Where was your favorite sunrise or sunset?


Thanks for being patient with the bento box process. I’ve spent a month thinking about how best to execute this process. This way everyone has an equal chance and I can ensure that the sale is limited to one bento per person so hopefully 12 people who have been trying to land a bento in past shop updates have a chance to get one. 

We will draw names live on our Instagram story next Wednesday - November 3.

Limit one bento box per person. Each bento box is $75 USD plus UPS ground shipping to determined by your zip code. If your invoice is not paid within 3 days after the name draw, your bento box will be sold to an alternate name draw. 


*whew! That was a lot! I know! Who knew bento boxes were a big deal?🤣 thank you for loving them so much!




  • So bummed I missed this! But what I really want is a smaller bowl than I got last time… love the daisy motif!

    Jo-Ann Berry
  • I prefer sunrise bc morning is my favorite time of day. I’m told the great sages rise before dawn and meditate before daybreak. Morning feel magical and ripe with potential and unlimited possibility. However, I remember one sunset years ago when the sky and clouds were perfect hues of blue/purple/pink if I remember correctly. It was stunning. Thanks for this.

    Robert Yurisko
  • I prefer sunsets in southern Utah. Bryce Canyon is spectacular when the sun sets and this week the canyons are ablaze in glowing yellow as the trees change color.

    Susan Fishbein
  • Sunrises! I can remember enjoying one when we had a beautiful view of devils tower in Wyoming right outside our tent ! I would love a bento box 🤗

    Tara Green
  • I like both but have to go with sunrise. My fave was on the deck of a tiny home rental where the sun wiped away the mist I was sitting in and told me it would be a good day.

    Lisa Lelo

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