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Once Begun is Half Done...

I don’t know why, but I thrive under stressful situations. When I have a difficult endeavor in front of me, I shine. Tough schedule? Unrealistic milestones? Challenging project? No problem. I tend to wobble and fall apart when things slow down or on the rare occasion when life gets easy. I can correlate these patterns in my personality to being labeled as hyperactive in my childhood and the struggles I have had with my brain going 1,000 miles a minute as an adult. Over the coming months, I’m going to chronicle how we got here, specifically getting back to what I love, which is being a craftsman. As an electrician by trade, I’ve been working my way up the ranks in senior management in the office for nearly fifteen years and have struggled with not seeing the physical progress of what I build come into fruition from concept through commissioning. Although what I do for a living doesn’t define me, I gain satisfaction mentoring and training apprentices or young engineers in the art of taking pride in what you do for a living. Today, I build in the hypothetical cost models of urban high rises and although my work in essence creates living wage jobs for men and women, it’s easy to forget what got me here and that’s building incredibly complicated systems with my mind and body. Over the coming months and years, I will be blogging the next phase of my life alongside my wife and best friend Ami Mackey of how we are going to build our off grid house, business and retirement dreams on the side of a mountain in the Klamath Basin. I’ve included pictures from the beginning of this journey and will update you with a sequential progression of our build in forthcoming blogs. The insight I will close with is simple: Build with the understanding that what you build today will outlast your time on this earth and make it count. Do you want to be remembered in excellence or in mediocrity? 



  • Thank you both for including me in your story, your work and progress. I am thrilled, delighted and inspired by you both and all things you do, create, share and articulate. Your photos are AWESOME too, just like your joyful smiles! I can feel such a strong bright life force radiating from all of the above. 🙏🏻

    Gabrielle Brainard
  • What a delight to see this update from you Bill! Good luck to you and your wife.

    Apurupa Satturu
  • Exciting, inspiring, and nothing short of magical. Only in these late years am I truly coming to understand that at any moment our choices—or our lives—can be taken from us, and if I want my life to go in a certain direction, I am the only one who can make that happen. Ami is one of the people who helped me to see that. I’m looking forward to seeing your journey unfold!

  • I have loved hearing about y’all’s journey so far! I’m so happy for you both and look forward to watching you grow ❤️

    Sherri Riddle

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