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Each Forest Born Collection piece is hand-built, hand-stamped, and hand-finished. As the form of each bowl takes shape, the plan for the fancy bottoms forms in my mind. No two pieces are alike. Each bespoke piece is born of my imagination and time spent in the forest. Shape, finish and other surface details may vary. These are not meant to be perfect - instead, reflecting the nature of the forest - all of its imperfect beauty - nature made.  

The idea for fancy bottoms took shape from memories of when my child was small - roaming the forest and streams for animal tracks. Making plaster casts of them and collecting other interesting found items in the woods. Bones, feathers, pine cones, rocks, and such - always a bounty to behold after a camping trip in the forest. Peering under logs and rocks and other such wondrous discoveries made in a time well spent - memories made. A connection to this place and joyous feelings - held in your hands.

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